Mallorca Multiarts Festival. April may 2010

Franz Ferdinand

+ The Holloys + The Bankers

Type: Music
Date: Saturday, may 1, 2010 / Venue: Palma Arena, Mallorca
Time: 20:30 h / Price: 25 eur / Tickets:

Franz Ferdinand - Palma Arena

Franz Ferdinand

In an era that foretold of the extinction of the big stage groups, up stepped one band, Franz Ferdinand, appearing from nowhere, straining at the leash like some smart Alec art school students but have since gone on to become one of the most important British pop bands of the last decade if not the most important.

Having started out at the beginning of the last decade, in Glasgow, they are known for creating their own style and bringing the genre art-rock to its now popular zenith. On the one side they are included amongst some of the most well-known groups of the Scottish music scene like Orange Juice, Josef K and Fire Engines and on the other giving us all dance music in a totally self assured approach.

They have created a simple rule: get the girls dancing and the guys are right behind them. And of course, it works. Their songs are so catchy that they infuriate you: you want to resist but it’s just impossible not to dance to the beat of tunes like “Take Me Out”, “Do You Want To” or their latest song “Ulysses”.

Fronted by the charismatic Alex Kapranos, Franz Ferdinand were paraded as the great revelation of 2003 with the release of their self titled first album “Franz Ferdinad” (Domino), followed up with “You Could Have It So Much Better” (Domino, 2005), which clearly showed they were no simple flash in the pan and were here to stay.

After a stretch of 3 years on the road and in the studio which included outstanding performances at some of the most important festivals across the world they took a break giving them time to put together their latest work, the album “Tonight…” (Domino, 2009), they followed this almost immediately with the release of the experimental re-mix compilation album “Blood” (Domino, 2009) which includes dub music versions of songs from “Tonight…” For the doubters out there FF stayed on track and the talent of Kapranos brought together the profane and the sublime with total irony.
Live, this Glasgow foursome have to be one of the most powerful and memorable bands that you can see on the circuit today. No matter how much you try you will not be able to resist their music. The concert in Palma Arena is one of only two Spanish concerts currently planned.

Performing alongside them is the Californian band Holloys, a project from the ever effervescent psychedelic music scene in Los Angeles, consisting of ex-members of At The Drive-In, The Breeders and The Mars Volta.

The local contribution will be the responsibility of The Bankers, a tremendous plain between two mountains of freedom, a lively and catchy band who have just released their first vinyl album.

The Holloys

The Holloys

The Holloys is the hallucinatory brain-child of Los Angeles visual artist Jim Brown, crafting intricate and cosmic dance pop adventures.  A five piece – double drum, double bass, trumpet, guitar & synth – dance band. Amidst the funkiness is the philosophy that they are channeling their songs from an alternate dimension called Lake Land. Some peyote traditions were involved in the revelation.

The band’s ranks have been filled with former members of Mars Volta, The Breeders, and At The Drive In. The Holloys dynamically evolving sound, drawn from a diverse range of cultural traditions and musical genres, culminates with its beat-heavy blend of trance, dance, afropop – polyrhythm, neo-prog, electronica, soaring pop melodies.

They are best known for their high energy live shows – earning them the title of newest band to have been invited to perform at the highly esteemed invitation only festival, All Tomorrows Parties – last year in Minehead UK. Within the last year, Holloys have released two records, Make it Happen, and Art Wars, and in 2010 they have a new split 7-inch with their local native Los Angeles friends Dengue Fever.

The Holloys next record is scheduled to be released in the spring 2010. With their well spring of positive energy and artistic vision it makes a person wonder, maybe there is something to this place they call Lake Land.

Members: Jim Brown (bass, vocal, drum samples, trumpet), Bryan Lee Brown (drums), Mike Elliot (drums), Alvin DeGuzman (bass, guitar) & Derek Wood (guitar, synthesizer)

Discography: Holloys/Dengue Fever split 7-inch, Slapshot Records (2010), Art Wars, Memory Bulldozer Recordings (2009), Make It Happen, Memory Bulldozer Recordings (2008)

Franz Ferdinand (UK) + The Holloys (USA) + The Bankers (Mallorca)
Date: Saturday, May 1, 2010 / Venue: Palma Arena (Carrer d’Uruguay 3, Palma de Mallorca) / Price: 25 eur


  • Internet:
  • Telephone: 902 15 00 25
  • Inca: General Music (Gran Vía Colón, 52)
  • Inca: Baba Discos (Plaza Antoni Mateu, s/n)
  • Manacor: Baba Discos (Av. Torrent, 3)
  • Oficinas de Halcón Viajes
  • Palma: Discos La Pera (Archiduque Luis Salvador, 3)
  • Palma: Discos Oh (Aragón, 24)
  • Palma: Gong Discos Palma de Mallorca (Sindicat, 67)
  • Palma: Gong Discos Porto Pi Centro (Avda. Gabriel Roca, 54)


  • Doors: 19:30 h
  • The Bankers: 20:30 h
  • The Holloys: 21:15 h
  • Franz Ferdinand: 22:15 h
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