Mallorca Multiarts Festival. April may 2010

Paco Loco Trio + Son & The Holy Ghosts

Type: Music
Date: Sunday, May 16, 2010 / Venue: Teatre Lloseta
Time: 21:30 / Price: 10 eur / Tickets:

Paco Loco Trio

Paco Loco Trio

A trio that is not 3, live it is 6: Paco Loco (guitar and vocals), Patrick (piano and vocals), Pedro Perles (bass, guitar and vocals), Esteban Perles (drums and vocals), Rafa Gas (also drums) and Chuchi Cabral (bass and vocals).

Fibrous songs where Paco Loco, more than ever before, takes the lid off his porous and lucid vision of rock. A touching and penetrating course, as immediate as it is suggestive, rutted by great symbols like Neil Young, Bob Mould and obviously Lou Reed.

Says a friend (Joaquín Pascual – Surfin’ Bichos, Mercromina, Travolta) “I am not sure, but I believe that the songs of Paco Loco Trio can only be understood from an extreme musical view. They are like everything in one, the complete thing. YES! I always tried to laugh at them, tell them that they were wrong, a strange invention of the Gijón factory, but it has been thrown back in my face as he is out there with this three dimensional type of music (…)“.

(…) Paco doesn’t write songs, they sweat through his multiple pores and orifices from spontaneous and anti-reflective form… Although he does not want to be seen as a sensible type, but between the impressive instrumentation of these songs and the abundance of guitars, drums, bass and pianos there hides a delicious fairytale, much more exciting than at first it appears (…)

Son & The Holy Ghosts


Son & the Holy Ghosts are Joan Grimalt (guitar), Guillem Mesquida (guitar and vocals), Xesc Carbonell (guitar), Josep Verdera (drums), Dani Pi (bass) and Jordi Vidal (keyboard).

With total certainty the Majorcan band Son and the Holy Ghosts will be well spoken about in the very near future with their full and emotional performances. With recent performances they have shown as much clarity as conviction. A rich gathering of worthy and serious musicians with a refined and demanding ear. I seriously hope they don’t lose this” (Ferran Pereyra)

An obviously talented and ambitious new group, homing in on pop but not cheesy, oozing rock but not straight rock, folk that hurts but not over the top. The ambition, if you combine the talent, gives fantastic results. Everything considered this band is going places” (Víctor M. Conejo)

Concert: Paco Loco Trio + Son & The Holy Ghosts
Sunday, May 16, 2010 / Teatre Lloseta, Mallorca
Time: 21:30 / Tickets: 10 euros – Buy tickets »
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