Friday, december, 2nd 2016, at 20.30 h.

Teatre Municipal Xesc Forteza, Palma.

Reijseger Fraanje Sylla

Reijseger_Fraanje_Sylla_nr4_Geert_Vandepoele_high_res_WEBThe trio Reijseger Fraanje Sylla consists of: Ernst Reijseger (cello), Harmen Fraanje (piano) and Mola Sylla (vocals, traditional African instruments). Ernst Reijseger is a great master of the cello, Bach combines variations with bass chords to Mingus style and even incorporates African-style percussion. The other two components of the trio are equally unique and inimitable, without musical prejudice: the pianist Harmen Fraanje creates imaginative melodies on a crossroads between classical music and jazz, and the Senegalese musician Mola Sylla reinterprets their own cultural traditions with a powerful voice and a selection of traditional African instruments. The musical result is a powerfully original mix that transcends musical genres.

The trio’s music is able to transform from the wild drama to the softness and the quiet charm. Besides musical daring with risky proposals the trio intended especially good vibes and bring joy in their live performances. The combination of these musicians and their instruments creates an authentic sound unique character, offers its wide musical spectrum generously with great brilliance in the interpretation and technique without forgetting maintained a brilliant ability to improvise.

His repertoire includes African songs in Wolof, the native language of his Senegalese singer Mola, and beautiful musical compositions by Ernst and Harmen, some of these were composed music for film director Werner Herzog’s acclaimed.

The original and unique musical personality created by the trio, thanks to the combination of three very different languages together musically, background and influences, able to connect and connects naturally combining styles, provoking strong and positive reactions in public, never indifferent.