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Members of Alternatilla Associació Cultural of the current year, are the only ones who can get tickets and discounts for activities carried out during the year.

€ 20.00 annual membership fee for the year in progress. This includes Pass1 and the option of purchasing a second pass.

Pass 1: 20,00 €. Includes two tickets (one to choose and one in stalls, Teatre Principal de Palma).
Pass 2 50.00 €. Includes six inputs (five to choose from and one in stalls, Teatre Principal de Palma).
Pass 3 80.00 €. Includes twelve entries (one for each concert).




Donors will hold the same right in promotions when the amount is equal to or higher than the annual membership fee.
Direct Collaborating companies will be considered those companies that choose a donation not only aimed at one specific project but aimed directly at the general management of the association.



Then you will see the office and bank account numbers where you can make a transfer for both high membership as a donation to Alternatilla Cultural Association

Do not forget to tell your partner or donation information, address, and your NIF or CIF, so we can send proof of your contribution.

Entity          IBAN          Bank           Office           DC                   CC
Colonya          ES86           2056             0016            0710           0203 2827

For any questions please contact through