Toni Miranda





This workshop is addressed to music students regardless of their academic level. ( ) Its objective is to present the characteristics of jazz music so that by the end of the session each workshop student will be able to do a little improvisation with his instrument.

  • A brief history: Explanation of jazz origins and its impact on the world of music.
  • Styles: Making an exhibition of iconic styles.
  • Stress: Different tools for practicing jazz rhythms.
  • Blues Scale: How is and how it can be used in a context different from their own.
  • Improvisation: How can I get to improvise and what are the techniques for its proper use.
  • Musical practice: Depending on the instruments of each student will make a group practice working on the concepts mentioned above.

The length of the workshop is 60 to 75 minutes and is o ered to a group of maximum 15 students.
Student must have an experience with their instrument of 2 year minimum time. It is desirable that the space where the workshops have a slate for the exhibition.