Alternatilla Asociación Cultural



Alternatilla is a non-profit cultural association founded in 2005 in Palma and made up of an open group of active and restless people, lovers of music, photography, literature, cinema, plastic arts and other artistic disciplines.


At Alternatilla we work from a purely independent sphere in order to promote and act as a platform for projects and initiatives of cultural and social interest.


We are characterized by our interdisciplinary spirit, permeable to the diversity of concepts, forms and supports of artistic expression, as well as by our vocation to showcase culture in its different manifestations.


Throughout our thirteen years of shooting we have organized concerts, festivals, exhibitions, educational activities and collaborated in publishing books.


Although our headquarters are located in Palma, our workplace is decentralized, which makes it possible to achieve our objectives and a more flexible adaptation in terms of our project conception. Receptive at all times to cooperation, we develop our projects in collaboration with other individuals, cultural agents, entities or institutions that understand and support our lines of action and are interested and willing to offer their support.