AJF22 – Alternatilla Jazz Band V1/22

Porreres / Auditori Municipal

Thursday, December 1, 2022, at 9:00 p.m.


Alternatilla Jazz Band v1/22

Pasquale Grasso, Guitar.
Toni Vaquer, Piano.
Marco Lohikari, Double bass.

There’s nothing better than a jazz gig to propose a “blind” date to a group musicians who have never played together before; and love more and mores this formula of the Alternatilla festival, these concerts that we call ‘ménage à jazz’ which are full of surprises. And this is why we have chosen to use this formula for the opening show of the Alternatilla Jazz Festival 2022.

From Italy we have the great and super talented guitarist Pasquale Grasso who will be joined on the stage by two other great musicians from Mallorca’s local scene: the mallorquín pianist Toni Vaquer and on the bass, Marko Lohikari, Swedish born but now a resident in the island. We have no doubt that the three of them together will manage to get a perfect connection mixing perfectly well their different performing styles, and for sure they will manage to engage beautifully with the public.

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