AJF22 – Alternatilla Jazz Band V2/22

Inca / Teatre Principal

Friday, December 2, 2022, at 9:00 p.m.


Alternatilla Jazz Band v2/22

Roberto Fonseca, Piano.
Andrea Motis, Trumpet and Voice.
Yandy Martinez, Double bass.
Nailé Sosa, Drums.

A brilliant multinational quartet, playing together for the very first time, with a gender parity representation – two women and two men – with musicians coming from such distant places as Cuba or Cataluña. Four musicians of different nationalities, all of them capable of high level outstanding performances, and in perfect understanding with each other, showing the power of jazz to break international frontiers.

This is a real all-star band featuring Andrea Motis – very well known Catalan trumpet player and singer-: the great piano player Roberto Fonseca all the way from Cuba; on bass, also from the Caribbean island, Yandy Martínez; and on drums Nailé Sosa, Cuban born and now resident in the island. The four of them are highly talented and share a strong passion for music, and together they will manage to stage an original and plural music conversation, elegantly performed with perfect flow and a solid technique which reflects their rich cultural and music backgrounds.

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