AJF22 – Musica Nuda

Muro / Teatre Municipal

Thursday, December 8, 2022, at 8:00 p.m.


Musica Nuda

Petra Magoni, Voice.
Ferruccio Spinetti, Double Bass.

Formed by Petra Magoni and bassist Ferruccio Spinetti, Musica Nuda is an Italian vocal jazz-pop duo es un dúo whose popularity has expanded outside Italy to neighbouring countries, especially France, since the mid 2020s. A double bass and a voice seem to be enough to prove the power of music to communicate and create. This is the proposal of Musica Nuda, a rare combination of the classic with a bit of pop and jazz, with an eloquent female singer and a talented bass player and composer who, both together, experiment and express through their promise of musical nudism.

They have two very different music personalities but perfectly complementary: a voice which modulates and transforms to perform and recreate emotions, a double bass which becomes a whole orchestra. Together they master the art of silence and sound, good mood and intelligence, their work can only be understood fully with a live performance where the dramatic power of the stage joins the music. On each song Magoni brings out a colour palette of such prodigious tones that it manages to create the illusion of having a choir of different singers.

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