AJF22 – Paolo Fresu Devil Quartet

Palma / Teatre Principal

Tuesday, December 6, 2022, at 8:00 p.m.


Paolo Fresu Devil Quartet

Paolo Fresu, Trumpet, Flugelhorn and Effects.
Beb Ferra, Guitar.
Paolino Dalla Porta, Double bass.
Stefano Bagnoli, Drums.

Paolo Fresu is already a member of the elite of great musicians and international jazz masters, besides being renowned as of the greatest of Italian jazz nowadays. He has an endless number of awards, records and collaborations throughout the 40 years he’s been playing the trumpet.

Fresu, Ferra, Dalla Porta and Bagnoli – the Paolo Fresu Devil Quartet – surprise us once again, this time, what was supposedly the most “electric” of Italian jazz, but in a completely acoustic version, making harder the job of the critics who wish for a quick definition. The simple and at the same time “new” idea of Fresu was to put out a new record totally different from the previous ones, playing entirely acoustic and finding the strength precisely in that.

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