Miranda Jazz Quartet “Breu passeig pel jazz”

Miranda Jazz Quartet “Breu passeig pel jazz”



Toni Miranda: Guitarra.
Miquel Rigo: Saxófon.
Juanan Torrendell: Contrabajo.
Teo Salvà: Batería.



This is an educational concert presented and performed by the Mallorcan ensemble Miranda Jazz Quartet. The objective is to showcase the connection between traditional jazz music and the modern music styles like disco or urban music. The selected repertoire is composed by key tracks each of which is representative of a different stage in the history of the genre. The performance is completed with oral explanations and a projection which will help the public to understand that particular era.

The concert has a duration of one hour, approximately, and the music is performed by the local group Miranda Jazz Quartet, which is formed by guitar, tenor sax, bass and drums. During the concert they will also talk about the origins and the evolution of the use of these instruments, highlighting the importance of the saxophone as one of the most representative instruments of the genre. The technique behind the electric guitar playing and a brief history of this instrument within the jazz world is also a part of the lecture.

Blues music is also explained, its main characteristics and the difference between the harmonies of this style and European popular music. Every explanation is illustrated with the help of music pieces performed live so the public can understand what’s being exposed.

The history of jazz is then showcased playing a musical piece from each of the different styles and decades:

Ragtime (end of the 19th century)
Nueva Orleans (beginning of the 20th century)
Dixieland (1.910)
Chicago (1.920)
Swing (1.930)
Bebop (1.940)
Cool jazz (1.950)
Latin jazz (1.960) and the Seventies.

Website: www.tonimiranda.com

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