Llibert Fortuny “Electro Màgic”

Llibert Fortuny “Electro Màgic”



Llibert Fortuny: Sax and …



Llibert Fortuny, one of the most renowned, original and creative musicians from the Spanish jazz scene, presents Electro Magic.

Since his return to Barcelona, after completing his studies in the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, the career of Llibert Fortuny has been meteoric, very active in the music scene and having received numerous awards and honours. Fortuny is always looking for new challenges, never afraid of taking risks and exploring the possibilities of the use of new technologies in music and more specifically in sax playing.

Electro Magic is a concert-workshop for children and the whole family, where everyone can participate and discover the musician we all have inside. But this is not just about the saxophone, we can also learn about technology in music: computers, pedals, amps, distortion pedals, electronic instruments… a whole new world of music making will be shown and explained, learning through games and playing, about rhythms and melodies and not just about the theory, but taking an active part.

With Llibert and his world of music and technology we’ll be left charmed and open-mouthed.

Website: www.llibertfortuny.com

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