SAI Trio

SAI Trio

Carrer de la Riera, 2, 07003 Palma (Mallorca).
Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 20:30 p.m.


Agustí Fernández: Piano.
Sònia Sànchez: Dance.
Ivo Sans: Drums.


Sai Trio is three totally different personalities masterfully bringing together jazz and flamenco. The Barcelona group has an unusual setup, which merges performance art and music – all of it improvised. The three members of this trio manage to mix heterodoxia, irreverence and tradition as a base for their fierce and enigmatic output.

The prolific career of pianist Agustí Fernández (Palma, 1954) has gained him a well-deserved international reputation, he’s considered a world reference in the field of improvised music and one of the most important explorers of avant-garde music in Spain. He has collaborated with names such as Peter Kowald, Derek Bailey, Evan Parker or Barry Guy. He is a member of the Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble and the Barry Guy New Orchestra. He has published over fifty records. In 2010 he got the Barcelona City Music Award and in 2013 the National Prize of Culture awarded by the Catalan government.

In SAI Trio the keys of Fernández create and deconstruct reality through sound, both and equally sober and extravagant, finding the perfect formula to explore a new world of composition and interpretation.

Flamenco innovator Sònia Sánchez creates her own style of dancing, stripping the traditional form down to focus on technique and minimalism, complementing the music with the sound of her heels and giving it shape with her body moves.

The trio is completed with drummer Ivo Sans, who performs guided by some sort of nihilist and sacrilegious wit.

Combining a thorough knowledge of modern classical piano with jazz free improvisation and flamenco to forge a unique and powerful style, they manage to provoke intense feelings in the public. Emotional vertigo, a truly powerful experience.


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