Rebbekka Bakken

Rebbekka Bakken

Plaça Miquel Maura, 1, 07001 Palma (Mallorca).
Thursday, November 30, 2017, at 8:30 p.m.


Rebbeka Bakken: Vocals and piano.
Tony Lakatos: Sax.
Ola Gustafsson: Guitar.
Lars Danielsson: Bass.
Rune Arnesen: Drums.


Rebekka Bakken (Oslo, 1970) is not just another vocalist in the contemporary jazz scene, she is part of a selected group of great nordic jazz singers, and her talent has been compared to names such as Norah Jones and Diana Krall. With a very versatile style, Bakken’s music flows easy between jazz melodies and Southern rock, not forgetting Norwegian folk, the music which served as a soundtrack in her childhood.

After studying piano and violin and then starting off her career in the nightclubs of the New York scene, she became a big name within a generation of Scandinavian jazz singers. Her intimate timbre and vocal register has gained her a large international following and the unanimous praise of the critics.

Although sometimes she might get compared with Joni Mitchell o a Rickie Lee Jones, she has her very own style and she is capable of a deep emotional charge which sets her apart from other performers. Her delicate voice, elaborate arrangements, the poetic and meaningful lyrics, the brilliantly sung, sensually and lusciously played songs, are the elements that make her such a unique artist.

Her last record, titled ‘Most Personal’ and published last year, is a double album compilation of the songs she considers the most significant of her career, which, since the publication of her first album as a singer-songwriter in the year 2000 has now a total of eight solo titles, plus an extra five recordings in collaboration with other artists.


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