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Save the bluefin tuna

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Bluefin tuna

Over centuries man has harvested the seas and the oceans believing it to be an inexhaustible supply of food and believing that fish stocks would never run out. We are the last generation that has the opportunity to do something before emptying the oceans and even so we are so far behind schedule.

The bluefin tuna is in danger of extinction!

The bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) is not a tuna that you can buy in tins but the fashionable fish that you would eat in trendy restaurants or Japanese Sushi bars. The bluefin is easy to recognise by its meats red colour; a tasty delicacy and as such very expensive.

The breeding ground of the bluefin can be found to the south of the Balearic Islands. Over the last decade the fishing of tuna has changed into a massive industrial operation with walls of nets pulling the fish into fattening cages and keeping them captive until they reach the legally allowed size and weight to sell, from then they are taken straight to the Japanese markets for auction.

Palma Aquarium has decided to raise the alarm and to inform society about the critical stage the future of this magnificent fish is now in. The bluefin tuna and a number of other threatened species will be extinguished if this uncontrolled consumption continues. Palma Aquarium has started the Campaign of Conservation of the bluefin along with the support of companies, institutions, organizations and scientists who are helping to present the true state of this emblematic species.


Palma Aquarium has created a 400m² permanent exhibition in the heart of its marine park; a truthful homage to the bluefin tuna, with historical projections of stocks; the past, the present and its tragic future. They have discovered biological and anatomical characteristics of this species, which were not known before by the public.


The future is in our hands. Join the campaign and stop eating species that are in danger of extinction.

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